Lisa Notarnicola

Lisa Notamicola is a Hoffman Estates police officer

As a Hoffman Estates police officer for 23 years, Lisa Notarnicola has had to chase her share of criminals.

Once, trying to catch some kids smoking pot, she tried to flip over a fence, like she used to do easily when she was younger. But she couldn’t quite make it, and her police belt got hung up on the fence.

Caught upside down in the air, she had to have her boss help her down. They caught the kids, but it was embarrassing for someone who prides herself on staying active.

Lisa, 46, grew up in Hoffman Estates and was always stocky, but played basketball, volleyball and softball in high school and college.

She loved her time in police academy, when the training put her in the best shape of her life. But after an initial test, officers don’t have to meet any further fitness requirements.

Lisa patrolled the streets for 23 years, and last year started a new position as community relations officer in neighborhood schools.

She starts with one advantage by being more active than her competitors, riding a spinning bike three times a week at home.

But, she says, her “downfall” is peanut butter. When making her kids sandwiches, she’ll often eat it with a spoon.

At 5-foot-4 and 185 pounds, Lisa’s goals are to lose 35 to 40 pounds, get in and out of her squad car easily, and to compete in the Muddy Buddy run-and-bike obstacle course in Gilberts this August.

Growing up with four brothers made Lisa very competitive.

“Bring it on!” she said. “I’m going to win!”

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